In 1991, two authors of the Capability Maturity Model for Software -- Tim Kasse and Jeff Perdue -- left the SEI and formed the first CMM consulting company, ISPI.  They were joined by many experienced software and systems engineers from industry, including the current CMMI Product Owner and the team lead for the Systems Engineering CMM development.  

ISPI's focus was unique from the beginning.  Our focus was on organizational performance and openness to all methods and approaches that enhanced performance.  From the outset, ISPI resisted the typical model of the waterfall lifecycle and heavy SDLC definitions as the only options available, and early one was already a heavy promoter of iterative methods as an alternative approach.  We incorprated various agile methods, Lean, SPICE, COBIT, as well as various software applications as "tools in the kit", each with its appropriate application, advantages, and limits.

ISPI's reach has been world-wide, on four continents and in most major industry sectors - aerospace, electronics, shrink-wrapped software, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, railcar, and many others.  Our combined experience give us deep pattern-recognition:  every organization is different, but some common challenges tend to emerge.

ISPI continues to offer training, coaching, appraisals, and seminars to our clients.  For information about how we may help you, please contact us at:, or (757) 535-5100.